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I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and have been lucky enough to grow up developing a love for the great California outdoors! Most days you can find me in front of my editing computer, at my favorite local coffee shop visiting with the dogs out front, or adventuring outdoors whenever I get the chance. 

You want to know what lights me up? Making my clients feel like they stepped right out of a fairytale when they look at my photos.

I love to photograph couples who are totally into each other, adventure, and the beauty of the outdoors! I am so blessed to live in such a stunning place as the Bay Area, and that I get to create such romantic, and real moments for so many of my clients from my couples sessions to my weddings! I really enjoy any opportunity to get outside with my couples and going to local and state parks to capture nature's beauty and incorporate the environment into my shoots. Not only is it a gorgeous background which adds to the magical feeling of my images, but it's also a lovely reminder of the beauty that's all around us. It’s usually a little windy, but I promise, the view is always worth it!

This is my third year documenting couples and weddings, and I know that I made the right choice to pursue this path when I end every wedding exhausted and with tired feet, but with my cheeks and heart aching from smiling so much at all of the love, moments, and memories that I’ve been blessed to document that day! I love my work and am truly passionate about it, which drives me to provide the best services that I can to my clients. I'm dedicated to mastering my craft, and that means lots of hard work behind the scenes, and lots of studying top photographers to keep up to date on modern editing styles, the latest lighting techniques, and the best technology to make sure that I am providing the best images possible to my clients, and constantly growing my skills.

If I had to describe my style of photography, I would call it . I personally love being able to capture the detail of the sunsets and skies in the backgrounds of my images so that I can show off the complimentary beauty of the chosen location, which only serves to make my images pop that much more. As for colors, I like to keep it fairly natural and more true to life color-wise than the popular "Dark and Moody" style, without going overboard on the color and saturation. This last year I’ve fallen in love with using flash to add beautiful light into my portraits, to add drama and to take them to the next level, and I can’t wait to continue expanding my knowledge and capabilities to continue to make better and better images.


"As a fellow wedding vendor I have worked with many photographers; Hailey sets herself apart from the majority of them! She way she choreographed our couples portraits with such ease and made us feel comfortable was so refreshing! It’s hard to come by a photographer that really takes the time to get to know you and your love story. The quality of her photos and the amount of time she spends getting them just right, goes to show exactly how much she loves her art and how dedicated she is to providing a perfect product, every time. It was such a pleasure having Hailey do our couples session- she’s amazing! HIGHLY recommend for weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions!"

                                                                                                                                    -Autumn of Autumn's Blossoms Designs

Absolutely fantastic quality of work and style. Hailey is a wonderfully talented and motivated photographer that will get you shots that surpass every prior expectation that you may have for a shoot. It was a very personable and fun experience; Hailey has a nack for making you comfortable in front of the lens! My girlfriend and I had the best time while the shoot was ongoing and we got some amazing shots out of a single session. Definitely recommend and will be in contact again!

                                                                      -Austin G.

Hailey is by far an AMAZING photographer with a passion for what she does! I have had the pleasure to work with Moments In Time Media a few times now and am always had a fun and positive experience. No matter what setting or occasion, Hailey always makes sure you are comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  I look forward to another experience working with Hailey in the future!

                                                                           -Scarlett H.

My husband and I are very camera shy and not comfortable in front of a lens, in fact we run the other way when pictures are being taken. But our session with Hailey was relaxed and easygoing.  She helped us to focus on each other instead of posing with a smile, and the results were natural, beautiful and timeless. She uses natural light, and knows just when to shoot. I was really impressed with her professionalism and the results.

                                                                              - Katherine A.

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