Where Are You Based?

I am based in San Jose, California, right in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area. This makes it easy for me to get to all of the best venues Around!

Do You Travel?

I mainly work within the Bay Area, though I am more than happy to travel to your venue, whether that is in Tahoe, Napa, or all the way in New York City! If your venue is more than 100 miles from ZIP 95117, then there will be an additional travel charge of $1.50 a mile to cover travel costs. Please let me know if you’re interested in booking me, as travel costs vary depending on need for accommodation and if flights are involved.

What Is Your Working Style?

When working with my clients, my number one priority is making them comfortable! I tend to play music during most of my sessions to help my clients relax, and have many specially cutrated playlists for each occasion.

I usually start by teaching my clients a few of my favorite tricks for looking your best in front of the lens, then I help to guide you into flattering poses. The magic comes in at the last step, where I ask you to interact with each other in different ways to bring out the love and joy between you!

I promise, I’m not a stand-there-and-click-away-silently kind a photographer. I’m a “Yes, Queen! You’re killing it right now!”, kind of photographer. I believe in sprinkling compliments like they are sugar, and that there is no such thing as giving someone too much love! Ask any client I’ve worked with, they always say I’m a cheerleader from behind the lens!

I’m Awkward in Front of the Camera, Can You Help?

Who isn’t awkward in front of the camera? Well, maybe professional models, but that’s about it! Many of us dread getting in front of the camera, even me, but I promise to make your experience with me as positive, fun, and easy as possible. All I ask is that you come with a good attitude and are willing to work with me, and I’ll take care of the rest!

That’s a definite yes! I believe that love is love is love, and am proud to work with couple of all orientations.

Do You Work With Couples of All Orientations?

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

For engagement or couples sessions, I recommend booking about a month in advance. This gives us the time to get to know each other a bit, as well as to throughly plan out your location, outfit, and any special props for your session.

As as for weddings, I recommend booking about year in advance to ensure that you have plenty of time to make an educated decision, and aren’t struggling to find a photographer with your date available. This is also very important because there is so much planning that goes into the wedding, especially the timeline for the day. I find that the wedding day goes smoothest when you work with your photographer to figure out the best timing for all of your special moments throughout the day. This may be your first wedding, but I promise, it isn’t mine! Your photographer can be an amazing resource for planning as we know the ins and outs of everything that goes on behind the scenes on a wedding day to make it look so easy.



What Are Your Prices?

For engagement and couples sessions, my prices start at $300 for an hour long session.

For weddings, I offer both packages, and an A-La-Carte collection so that you can get exactly what you need for your wedding day. Digital-only collections start at $1800, and traditional packages start at $2300.

Do You Offer Custom Packages?

In short, yes. I’m happy to create a custom package for you if my current offering aren’t quite what you need for your day.

Do You Work With A Second Shooter?

For weddings I do usually work with a second shooter, though I can work by myself. For second shooters, I look to my network of other wedding photographers here in the Bay Area to ensure you’re working with photographers who are truly passionate about weddings and making your day a success.

Is it required, no. Is it highly recommended, yes! A second shooter is a whole other perspective on your wedding day. I always capture all of the standard shots, but with a second shooter, it opens up the opportunity for more artistic, and more photojournalistic images like crowd reactions during the ceremony and speeches, tender moments between family members, and more images and angles of the highlights of the day. An added bonus, is that it can shorten your timeline by allowing me to delegate. For exaple, having me covering bridal prep and a second shooter covering groom prep at the same time can easily save you an hour the morning of your wedding.

Do We Need A Second Shooter?

Do You Offer Prints?

Yes, I am proud to offer professional lab quality prints through Bay Photo Lab, based in Scott’s Valley. I love printing with their archival quality papers and inks which are designed especially to stand up to the test of time, without fading, discoloration, or deterioration.

Yes, absolutely! I encourage sharing your digital hosted gallery with all your friends and family so they can go through and enjpy the day all over again as well! And if they would like to purchase prints as well for keepsakes, then they are welcome to do so as long as I have your permission to sell them the prints.

Can My Guests or Family View My Gallery and Order Prints?

Yes, I offer some of the finest album options available from the Pro-Lab Bay Photo out of Scotts Valley, The Pacific Album is a gorgeous hardcover keepsake album, designed to last a lifetime and make a beautiful addition to your home. Beautiful Softbound Albums are also available at a more affordable price point. Both are custom designed for you to suit your desires, and can be adjusted to your wishes!

Do You Offer Albums?

I deliver sneak peek galleries one week after the wedding with a small collection of highlights from your day, and then the full gallery is delivered 8-12 weeks after the wedding.

How Long Will I have to Wait for My Photos?

The number of photos delivered varies from wedding to wedding, as each wedding is different, some weddings I don’t have second shooters assisting, and coverage times vary. For a wedding with one shooter, you could expect 400-700 images depending on the length of the day, for weddings with two shooters, I usually deliver closer to 700-1200, again depending on how long and how intricate the wedding day is. Elopements are usually around 200-400 images, but can have more if post-wedding shoot is included,

How Many Photos Do You Typically Deliver?


Technical Questions

My Venue Is Dark or Indoors, Can You Work In Low-Light Situations?

Yes, I can absolutely still work in low-light situations as I work with both natural light and flash photography! I’ve studied hard to be able to light your reception to the best of my ability using my lighting equipment, and to make sure that you’re looking your best, even after it gets dark! Is your ceremony in a church that doesn’t allow flash? No worries! My Sony camera has top of the line low-light technology to help it see clearly, and still produce great photos, even where flash can’t go!

What Equipment Do You Use?

My personal photography kit includes a Sony A7III, a Sony A6300 (backup camera), a Sony 70-200 F2.8 zoom lens, a Sony 50mm F1.8 prime lens, and a Sigma 24mm f/1,4 prime lens. I also carry Godox flashes, MagMod Modifiers, and a small styling kit for details that includes silk ribbon and styling backgrounds.

Are You Insured?

Yes, I have liability insurance for up to $1,000,000 which is satisfactory for working with most venues. If your venue requires more coverage than that, please let me know. Yes, my gear is also insured, so if I trip and end up in a fountain, it won’t be the end of me!

What Is Your Backup System In Case Something Happens With The Images?

I shoot using dual 64 GB cards, and I use a different card set for each portion of the wedding day, as a secondary measure to help prevent loss of files if there is a file corruption issue. After every shoot, I immediately import the photos into my desktop computer, and back up the images to two separate hard drives, so that way, I have three copies of each image from your wedding day, just in case the desktop or either hard drive fails.

Can We Have the RAW (Unedited) Images?

No, I do not sell nor do I deliver RAW files for any reason. It is not standard in the photography industry to share RAW files, and it could potentially harm my brand in the long run if I did allow it. You’re hiring me not just for my ability to actually work a camera, but my artistic style as well.