Hey There, I’m Hailey!

I’m a photographer, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, who is passionate about documenting couples in love and the most precious of moments on wedding days. I work with both natural light and flash, so I’m able to keep documenting your day, even after the sun sets, or in a darkened ball room. I think the intimate moments of your day should be cherished and remembered, and are just as important to capture as those big picture perfect moments. My style is constantly evolving as I am always working to learn new techniques, and expand my arsenal of equipment to make your portraits stand out in the best way possible!

Worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera? Don’t! I don’t expect my brides and grooms to be models and to know how to pose and move in front of the camera to create beautiful images, that’s my job! I guide my clients step by step into poses that make them look their absolute best, before asking them to interact so I can get the best of both worlds. That lovely interaction that shows your true relationship and emotions, while making sure that you’re looking your best, and feeling like Beyoncé. Ask any of my clients, I’m the best cheerleader and ego booster to have around when you’re in front of the lens!