How to Post your New Photos, the Right Way!

So you've had professional photos taken, and now it's time to share them on social media! So what is the proper way to share these beautiful photos while still making sure that you are sharing them legally and in a way that helps your photographer keep their work from being stolen? 

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Make sure that you are sharing the actual file, not a screenshot or a Facebook download of the image

You paid for beautiful, high-quality images, so make sure that you get the most out of your photos! Make sure that you are sharing the original images that you were given by your photographer, whether they were digitally downloaded, or given over a USB. If you screenshot an image and share it on your phone, or if you download the photo from Facebook that your photographer has posted previously, you are not actually sharing the original image. Whats the issue with this exactly? Well, for a screenshot what happens is that your phone is simply taking a lower quality image of this picture. With a Facebook download of the image, you are getting an image file that is significantly smaller than the original image which means that it is missing quite a bit of date. For example, I uploaded an original image to Facebook and then downloaded the same image back to my computer. I started with a file that was 12.8 MB large, but when I downloaded that same image again, it was only 343 KB. That's a pretty huge size reduction in the image file.

When your file size is reduced, whether from screenshotting or from social media downloads there is quite a bit of quality loss, which basically means that your image will become more grainy, the image can become pixelated, and the color can be uneven and possibly slightly changed from the original photo. As you upload the screenshot or a Facebook download,  Facebook and Instagram compress the image file as well, so you lose even more data from the image that has already missing data, to begin with. What does that leave you with? An image that looks significantly worse than the original photo that you started with.  (Click here for a cool article from Michael Zhang at PetaPixel about this)


Do not edit the original photos

Do not edit the original photos that a photographer delivers to you. Whether that be by cropping the image, by applying filters, or changing the photo in any way. This is their job and their art, they put their expertise, their time, and their heart into producing their images. You wouldn't take a paintbrush to an art piece you bought from a local painter because you wanted to change the colors, would you? If you are not satisfied with the edit that your photographer has provided you, let them know and work with them so that you are satisfied. They create art with their images, but they want you to love the art that they have created exclusively for you. Do not apply filters to the images that your photographer has provided you with. Not only are you essentially coloring over the photos that your photographer worked so hard to perfect, but you are also violating the copyright that they hold over those images.

When it comes to cropping, don't, or at the very least, let it be Instagram cropping the image, not you! When a photographer is composing a shot, they take the time to look at the lighting, the background, and where you are in the middle of all of that. They do their very best to ensure they are cropping out your feet, or are cropping in a flattering location to make sure you look your best. We do know some secrets about making you look great in front of the camera after all *wink wink*! Do not edit the photo by cropping if at all possible. We understand that Instagram crops your portrait oriented photos, and we do our best to frame you in a way that you can post your photos to these social media sites without issue. We understand that sometimes this isn't possible with certain photos though, so vertical portraits on Instagram are where you get a pass on this rule. 


Credit the producer of the image in the caption 

When you share the image online, make sure to credit the producer and owner of that image! The proper way to do this is by tagging them in the caption of the photo, and if possible tagging them or their business page in the photo itself as well. Do not credit by tagging the producer in a comment below the caption. This leads to the credit to the photographer being buried under the hashtags and comments, and defeats the purpose of tagging them. You are posting these photos of you because you love them right? So why wouldn't you want to A. give credit to your photographer who is the copyright owner of the image, B. promote the business of your photographer, and C. Help to prevent the images from being stolen and reposted by others under their name?


So let's recap...

...When sharing your favorite new photo from your photographer,

1. Post the original file to ensure the best quality image is shared. Don't share screenshots or downloads from social media sites. 

2. Do not edit the original photo. The copyright belongs to the photographer, it is their art, please respect it. 

3. Credit the Photographer in the caption and don't forget to tag them if you can! 


I've included an example of proper crediting for an image below. Check these pics out to make sure you're posting properly! 


Image ©Megs Marvels Photography 2017

Image ©Megs Marvels Photography 2017

Image ©Megs Marvels Photography 2017

Image ©Megs Marvels Photography 2017

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