Bree + Nolan

So if you haven't met Bree + Nolan already, they are the sweetest couple! They met at college at UC Monterey Bay, if it hadn't of been for Bree's mom not wanting her to move too far away for college, they never would have met! I was lucky enough to meet Bree in high school, and when I saw her and Nolan together, I got butterflies! These two lovebirds make the perfect couple! 

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These two drove all the way to Santa Cruz from Monterey for their shoot with me, but boy were the locations worth it! Our first stop was the Seacliff Pier in Aptos to take some photos in from of the historic S.S. Palo Alto and the stunning wooden pier there. This was my first time meeting Nolan, and what a sweetheart! Bree definitely found her soulmate in him, and the two of them together could not stop giggling! Too cute! 

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The next spot that we stopped at was at Panther Beach in Davenport, a tiny, bumpy little dirt parking lot on the side of the road is where we stopped at. And to be honest, I was a bit nervous at first as I had never seen this beach in person before. But across some old rusted railroad tracks, after being almost blown off the side of the hill by the wind we finally reached the bottom, and wow, was it ever worth it! The gorgeous orangey-red rock walls at this beach made me feel like I was in the Grand Canyon with how grand and absolutely stunning they were. The location couldn't have been more perfect! 

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After watching several people get soaked with the incoming tide, and almost getting washed away ourselves, we moved over to the other side of this beach to play in the water for a bit, and poor Nolan was a trooper and voluntarily got soaked in order to get some gorgeous shots for Bree! 

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After an outfit change and drying off, we headed to our last stop of our session together, the gorgeous Shark Fin Cove in Davenport! I had seen pictures of this spot on Instagram and was dying to get over there with these two to see if I could get a dramatic final shot with the sun going down. By the time we arrived, we only had a few minutes to work as the tide was quickly swallowing up the beach around us!  

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Nolan and Bree are some seriously brave people! They didn't flinch when I asked them to go out on a rock surrounded by water, having to time it perfectly to avoid getting soaked by the waves that were rolling in around us! With the sun going down behind us, we finished off the shoot with my favorite shot of the day, and the most dramatic one yet! 

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I couldn't have been more blessed to have such adventurous, beautiful, and absolutely hilarious clients to photograph for this shoot! A huge thanks to Bree and Nolan for totally going for it and not being afraid to get a bit wet, you guys are the perfect clients and I can't wait to work with you in the future! 

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