What To Wear The Morning of Your Wedding Day


So you’re getting married, how incredibly exciting! You of course want to make sure that the photos of your big day turn out beautifully, and that you enjoy your wedding day with as little stress as possible. Planning out the little details ahead of time will save you so much anxiety and stress on the morning of your wedding, after all, you don’t want to be worried about your bra strap imprints during your bridal portraits! So take a quick read for four tips to help make sure that the morning of your wedding day goes smoothly!

  1. Don’t wear a bra! Yep, you heard me right, on the day of your wedding, you should not wear a traditional bra. I recommend staying away from all that wire and elastic as they can cause unsightly red marks and imprints on your skin that can take quite a while to disappear. If you’re not comfortable with going completely bra-free, consider a soft bralette with wide and gentle elastic, like the Calvin Klein bralettes. The wider the elastic, the more gentle the pressure on your skin will be, and the less likely you will have marks on your shoulders and back.

  2. Wear a silky robe while getting your hair and makeup done. Yes, this can be a little bit of a splurge, but that $15-40 spent will really elevate the look of your getting ready photos, as well as making getting changed into your dress easy, and keep you looking gorgeous with a comfortable and flowy waistline as you’re sitting, which helps to hide any bumps or rolls that happen when we sit. If purchasing a robe for the day isn’t an option, choose a light, button down shirt, as the front-open nature of the top will make it easy to get out of without ruining your hair and makeup when it’s time to change into your dress.

  3. If you have the option, wearing a comfy slip or nightgown the night before or morning of is a great option for under the robe, it’s easy to change out of, and similar to the reasoning for not wearing a bra, it won’t leave any marks on your skin.  

  4. Don’t stress about the shoes, stay comfy and wear some slippers or flats, after all, there’s no reason to wear out your feet before the dancing even begins! Most likely, these won’t be photographed, so go ahead and wear your favorite pair!


I hope you ladies enjoyed this quick set of tips for helping to make sure you’re looking your absolute best for your getting ready photos! If you’re interested in more tips for streamlining your wedding prep, let me know in the comments so I know what to share next.